Why enforced intellectual conformism hurts truth-finding
Maarten van Doorn
Law professor Ilya Somin, author of Democracy and Political Ignorance, says, “The sheer depth of most individual voters’ ignorance is shocking to many …
Maarten van Doorn
The truth and the privileged
Maarten van Doorn
Introducing the renewed blog
Maarten van Doorn
Understanding the constitution of knowledge (and the new attacks on it)
Maarten van Doorn
There’s joy in saying ‘I don’t know’
Paradoxically, the collective growth of knowledge is undermining individual autonomy
Often social and cultural causes, rather intellectually apprehended reasons, are what catapults us into adopting a set of beliefs
Why "I don't know" is the best answer to almost every question
Don’t ask “Who am I really, deep down?” Ask: “Who do I want to be?”
The move from (i) the shocking discovery that you hold a belief because your life went a certain way to the conclusion that (ii) you’re therefore biase…
The Ultimate Explanation of the Psychology Behind the Spread of Fake News