🤔is truth just a matter of power?

Falsifiable Friday #6

Happy Friday! 😁

✍ I’ve decided to change the publishing schedule to one essay in two weeks. This allows me to write better-researched stuff.

🔢 The newest article is about postmodernism, truth, power and interpretations. Truth is critical to political decision-making, because well-considered political decisions can only be made when the facts are on the table. But who determines what claims are acceptable for basing policy decisions on - in other words, who determines what the facts are - and by what criteria do they do so?

✊ Postmodernist philosophers like Foucault are famous for arguing that “truth” is merely the product of a war of interpretations in which the victor imposes his dominant discourse on the loser. After all, they say, everyone experiences the world differently therefore there is no objective truth in the first place. This relativism of ‘you have your truth and I have mine’ is quite popular these days. But is it true?

🧪 The critique according to which science holds command over truth because they have won some power struggle is also popular these days, chiefly among conspiracy theories. How true is this claim?

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